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May 31, 2012 4:30am PDT
is the next president of the united states. >> i am not putting down our president of the united states but he has a passion and he loves the country. >> now the president called mitt romney to congratulate him to winning enough delegates and mitt romney said he looks forward to a healthy debate about the nation's future. he said the call was brief and cordial. >>> they headed to court seconding an injunction. and with the gill tract, that he othey made nine arrests. -- they made nine arrests. a temporary rescraping order has more than a dozen protesters already in place and they want a permanent instruction to keep them out. >>> mayor chuck read is publicly supporting him. they called on the mayor to support guy marriage and in the past reid has said he supports antidiscrimination laws and domestic partnerships for counts but not the same sex marriage. >>> -- couples but not the same sex marriages. >>> they are expected to take up a ban on repairtive therapy it would make it illegal to have gay children councilled on how to go straight. the band interfears with medical treatment. >>> he is ac
May 17, 2012 4:30am PDT
half the children in the united states and just about 50% of all babies born were minorities. according to the u.s. a data that is compared to 1990. all children under the age of 5 under the sepsis are mine -- census are minorities. >>> a local park is being destroyed by vandals. a part of the park is being covered in rock spray paint. it only has been destroyed by wind rain and sun for 50 million years and park workers say it is frustrating to see what happened. >> it is frustrating not knowing what it was like naturally. >> not knowing how long it took for these form makes and how quickly they can be destroyed. but leaving the graffiti seems to encourage other graffiti artists to leave their mark. >>> and a meeting at the usc board reagents. they delayed the closed door system if the state cut's was made. >>> a fiery campaign speech in ohio. vice-president joseph biden is upset about it and they say democrats don't have dreams. >> my mother and father believe if my brother and scissor wanted to be a mill on -- millionaire. >> after his speech, he stopped in for a little ice cream. >>
May 24, 2012 4:30am PDT
here in the united states. within the last ten years, the number of students enrolled in education classes jumped by more than 1 million. california schools may be forced to shorten their school year, he will allow schools statewide to cut up to three weeks over a two year period. the san francisco district cut four days from its school year. >> you have to arrange and make sure your kid is occupied and you need to make up what they are missing in those schools those days. >> the tax plan is into fix all and even if it does pass, his district will have to cut $83 million. he also said bucks 188 schools statewide cannot balance their books. >>> last night after a record- breaking 152 million votes, phillip beat out is jessica sanchez. after the show, he said you were not sure whose name ryan sea crest would call, they are still shocked. >> even top 24, now phillip will now join sanchez and the rest of the idol tour, now it was not the only big moment on the show. >> nichole, will you marry me? >> during the finale, they became engaged. she said yes. they met in 2010 while co- starri
May 21, 2012 4:30am PDT
the violence. the prison houses adult men who are in the united states illegally. >>> time now is 4:46. san francisco police continue to search for the driver who hit a homeless man and drove off. 62-year-old selester rowe is in critical condition. he was hit while crossing the street saturday night. rowe's family that flew into alabama said they had no idea he was homeless. he has a degree in engineering and would always tell them things were good. >> he is important to other people and me my sister and my brother and the man upstairs. if he didn't he wouldn't be hanging on right now now. >> neighbors are raising money for rowe's family and has sent flowers to where he used to stand. police are looking for a late '90s model chevrolet suv with tinted windows. for more information on you can help selester log on to >>> a judge will decide whether a former rutger student who used a web cam to spy on his roommate kissing another man will be sentenced 20 jail. -convicted of hate crimes against his roommate. 18-year-old tyler clemente committed suicide just days after relearned ravi ha
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4